SecureDELTA Plus (Folders)

Introducing SecureDELTA Plus (Folders) v2.57 for Windows

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Compression, Encryption & Signature Validation

SecureDELTA Plus provides a plethora of options when it comes to creating and applying the secure software update. It employes advanced award-winning data compression algorithms, reliable & proven binary delta engines, encryption and much more.

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Best-in-Class Binary Diff Engine

SecureDELTA™ for Windows v2.57 easily surpasses in speed and performance the next leading competitors, with a factor of two to ten times faster! There are a multitude of features provided even in the free edition, such as logging, backup, rollback, 440-bit encryption, data compression and much more!

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#1 Secure Software Updating Technology

We aim to develop the best and most secure software updating technology. Developed side by side with our main technological partner, NetLUP™ Xtreme Technology, XtremeDELTA™ engine is groundbreaking!

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Create Secure Software Updates

Create Secure Software Updates (SecureUPDATE archives) from two folders using SecureDELTA Plus (Folders). Encrypt using BlowFish 440bit encryption. Sign the Software Update by signing the package with your own private key and install only validated Software Updates.

A Plethora of Options

Sign, Encrypt, Compress, Create Signing Keys, Review binary diff archives, Create full operations logs, Backup updated files, Rollback support, Delete legacy files, Use a metadata file and much more

NXT Entropy Coder

SecureDELTA Plus (Folders) includes the NXT Entropy Coder implementations of blazing fast data compression algorithms such as ANS(Asymmetric Numeral System), Ari(Arithmetic), Static Huffman, RLE8, 32 and 64
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Automate Secure Software Update Operations

Automate creation and application of SecureUPDATE files using command line tools to encode and decode the binary diff files!
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