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Create smaller binary diff files than the next leading competitors

With our fast, reliable, affordable technology!

Launching the NEW SecureDELTA™ v2.56!

Create binary diff files and self eXtracting installers!

License SecureDELTA™ today & own a quality software at an affordable price!

SecureDELTA APP Key Features:

Very Fast Encoding & Decoding

Decoding designed for low resource environments

Single Pass Algorithms

Includes SecureSFX: Self-eXtracting Installers

Includes Powerful Diff Engines: SecureDELTA & XtremeDELTA

Easy to use GUI and fully documented

Introducing SecureSDK v2.56

Integrate Secure Software Updating into your own applications!

Order SecureSDK today, from only $169.55!

SecureSDK Key Features:

Ability to use the SDK in 32 or 64bit environments

Samples Source Code and Projects Available

Use the SDK with C++, MFC, C#, VB .NET, VBasic, Delphi, Pascal...

Full Access to Powerful Diff Engines: SecureDELTA & XtremeDELTA

Easy to use and fully documented

Today, more than ever, a new VISION on Software Update is needed!

Welcome to our VISION: SecureUPDATE™ Suite of Products

SecureUPDATE™ your software at a fraction of the cost of the next leading competitors.

Introducing SecureDELTA™ APP v2.56 for Windows

Part of SecureUPDATE™ Suite of Products!

Specifically Designed for 64bit OS

Highly optimized in-house algorithm developed by our R & D Division. No code porting, each version is specifically designed for that particular platform.

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Achieves Best-in-Class Performance

SecureDELTA™ for Windows v2.56 easily surpasses in speed and performance the next leading competitors, with a factor of two to ten times faster!

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Advanced Differencing Engines

Licensing SecureDELTA™ products entitles you to two amazing binary diff engines: SecureDELTA and XtremeDELTA. Access these advanced engines by using our newly released SecureSDK!

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SecureDELTA APP v2.56

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Blazing Fast Algorithm

Out R & D Division has optimized our delta differencing engine to achieve the highest in class performance among all the other SW Update Solutions! SecureDELTA™ is by far much faster than the next leading competitors.

Industrial Grade Performance

XtremeDELTA™ is able to create binary diff files 40 to 80% smaller than the ones created by the next leading competitor

Unrivaled Customer Support

We offer a full year or free updates and customer service alongside any licensed SecureDELTA™ product! We work hard to offer all the help you need. Check out all the support we offer here

.Xtreme.UI. GUI Interface

Designed and implemented with our technological partner GUI Design division, .Xtreme.UI., we are delivering a state of the art GUI alongside two great differecing engines, SecureDELTA and XtremeDELTA!

About the new release SecureDELTA v2.56

SSecureDELTA™ application for Windows, now at version 2.56, allows you to create a binary diff file from two distinct files, called source (also named 'old' or 'initial') and target (also named ‘new’ or 'destination').

It also allows creation of self extracting installers or SecurePATCHs™, you may freely distribute to your clients. Once launched on your client’s machine, the installer will ‘patch’ the source file and convert it to the exact version of the target file.

SecureDELTA™ creates superior binary diff files and also three types of self-extracting software installers. SecureDELTA™ offers superior performance by design and implementation, compared to the next leading competitor when it comes to memory usage, speed and also diff file size. It is also priced at a fraction of the cost of the two programs combined.

agersoftware suite of products specifically designed for a more secure way of software updating.
SecureDELTA is our flagship application, now at version 2.56, designed specifically for Windows x64; create binary diff files and self-eXtracting software patching installers.
SecureSFX™ is now delivered in three variants: SecurePATCH™, SecureWIZARD™ and SecureCMDLine™; also called SecureDELTA™ self-eXtracting software patching installers.

The NEW SecureDELTA™ v2.56 is here!
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SecureDELTA™ is a Superior Product by Design and Implementation!

It offers the functionalities of two advanced binary differencing engines and the ability to create three types of self-extracting installers, to safely deploy your updates!

License SecureSDK and create your own binary differencing files using SecureDELTA™ or XtremeDELTA™ engines within your own software!

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